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Is the Wisconsin DNR doing enough to make its actions transparent and open to the public?

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Do you support the reduction in spring turkey permit numbers?

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WDNR – reduced Spring turkey permits …?

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The Question: “Do you support the reduction in spring turkey permit numbers?”WHAT do YOU think of this?


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Spring turkey permit levels reduced to address hunter concerns over winter losses

MADISON – Remaining over-the-counter permits in Turkey Management Zones 6 and 7 will not be issued and over-the-counter permits in zones 4 and 5 will be reduced by 25 percent in response to hunter feedback requesting a conservative approach to the number of permits issued for this spring’s hunt, due to concerns that increased winter mortality has depressed turkey numbers.

Although Department of Natural Resources biologists recognize that spring harvests do not play a significant role in wild turkey population dynamics, it is clear that prolonged periods of cold and deep snow have impacted turkeys throughout the northern part of the state.

“The concerns we are hearing from turkey hunters are justified,” stated Scott Walter, DNR upland wildlife ecologist. “The deep and persistent snow cover across the northern counties this winter has limited turkey movements. Those flocks without access to adequate food sources are having a difficult time, and mortality could be significant locally.

“Wild turkeys were successfully reintroduced to Wisconsin through a broad partnership that was based on exactly the kind of interest and commitment being expressed by our hunters, and their successful management will continue to incorporate input from the engaged hunters who care about our turkey resource,” Walter said

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  • Mike Zeckmeister, DNR northern region wildlife supervisor – (715) 635-4090
  • Scott Walter DNR Upland Wildlife Ecologist – (608) 267-7861


However, in the March 15 edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Outdoors Editor Paul Smith wrote:

Science doesn’t support cut in spring turkey permits. In the realm of conservation, hunters have no better ally than science.

It’s the bedrock of North American wildlife management, past, present and, hopefully, future. So when state officials make a decision that’s more “feel good” and less science, hunters should take note.

This past week one such example occurred in Wisconsin when the Department of Natural Resources announced it would reduce the number of turkey permits available to hunters this spring.

The announcement was an abrupt about-face for the agency.

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