Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2013

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How would you rate Wisconsin’s 2011 gun deer season?
GOOD 12.5% | FAIR 25.0% | POOR 31.3% | WORST EVER 25.0% | COMMENTS [3]

Do you expect to see big bucks when you hunt?

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Big Bucks… What are your expectations ?
Big bucks in your vision?

Some critics say the TV deer hunting shows that feature hunters passing up multiple bucks most of us would shoot and then only taking monster bucks that will score high enough to make the Boone & Crockett records create unrealistic expectations.

Hunters who watch these shows, they say, look at their own hunting experiences as inferior because most hunters do not have access to land managed for trophy animals. These shows, the critics say, contribute to the growing dissatisfaction among deer hunters, such as that manifested in Wisconsin in recent years.

This unrest in Wisconsin has led to the appointment by Gov. Scott Walker of Dr. James Kroll as the state’s “Deer Trustee,” charged with reviewing the state’s deer management program and coming up with suggestions for improving it.

Take the poll and let us know your Point Of View.

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