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Are you concerned about the spread of feral pigs in Wisconsin?

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Will you have your deer tested for CWD?

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CWD Surveillance Participation – Will You ???

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The Question: “Will you have your deer tested for CWD?”

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Hunters can participate in CWD surveillance

EAU CLAIRE – Deer hunters in the central Wisconsin counties of Adams, Juneau and Portage are being asked to assist in chronic wasting disease surveillance of the white-tailed deer herd during the upcoming deer season.

“We are looking for assistance from hunters in obtaining lymph node samples from adult deer within specific CWD focus areas in Adams, Juneau and Portage Counties” said DNR area wildlife supervisor Kris Johansen. “We know that hunters care deeply about the health of the deer herd and routinely look for ways to assist the DNR with management.”

To see the surveillance areas, hunters can go to the DNR website and enter “CWD registration” in the key word search.

On opening weekend of the upcoming 9-day gun deer season DNR staff and volunteers from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will be collecting lymph nodes from hunter-harvested deer at eleven deer registration stations. Hunters that are willing to participate in the surveillance efforts can bring their deer in to these registration stations, and DNR staff will determine the age of the deer, collect harvest information from the hunter and remove lymph node samples.

The stations will be staffed from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday of opening weekend. The sample collection process takes less than 10 minutes. The CWD tests are free to hunters and anyone submitting a sample for testing will receive their test results in 3-4 weeks.


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Dan Stripping Fly

Dan Small recently showed off  the attraction quality of his brother’s muskie flies at the Wisconsin Muskie Expo.  Using the huge mega-gallon tank at the expo, Dan cast and retrieved one of his brother Mike’s new Muskie Fly patterns.  The action was caught on video by Muskie Central senior editor,  Steve Worrall

Watch the video and see  this impressive fly pattern do its thing.

“That is one ‘super fishy fly’.  Just watching this short clip, I can’t image a muskie fly-fisherman wouldn’t be drooling for at least a dozen of them!” Les Booth, Ofieldstream Outdoor Journal

Fishy Muskie Flies, tied by Mike Small