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Would you support the reinstatement of a four-day October antlerless gun deer season in the CWD zone?

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NRB eases toward four-day October antlerless gun season in CWD zone


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In a recent issue of Wisconsin Outdoor News, contributing writer Tim Eisele wrote:

Madison –– The Natural Resources Board (NRB) approved a DNR request to begin the process to re-establish a four-day, antlerless-only gun deer season in the CWD zone.

At the board’s March 28 meeting, members voted by a 6 to 1 margin, with Greg Kazmierski voting against, to approve a scope statement (which was already approved by the governor) to draft emergency rule language that reestablishes the four-day season in an effort to control the spread of CWD.

If adopted, the season will begin on Thursday, October 11.

Normally, this wouldn’t come before the board until the NRB adopts its regular deer season framework at its April meeting. But because Act 50, passed by the Legislature last year, prohibits regular October firearm deer seasons, the only way for the DNR to establish an October season is with an emergency order passed each year – that process starts with approval of a scope statement.

Tom Hauge, DNR director of wildlife management, told the board that the DNR has held an October season for herd and disease control purposes in the CWD zone since 2002.

“Hunting seasons are really the main management tool for regulating deer populations, which is one of the strategies we use for CWD management,” Hauge said. “The Octogber season has been looked at by the University of Wisconsin and they concluded the season has an additive impact to the overall harvest. We believe it has value.”

Kazmiewrski said that he had a difficulkt time understanding the need for trhe season because last year only 2,003 deer were killed during that October season. Kazmierski was disappointed that an emergency rule is being used in this situation.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result,” Kazmierski chided Hauge. He said the DNR has irritated hunters in the CWD zone and wondered how the DNR could recommend this hunt.

Hauge said that CWD prevalence has continued to increase, and the DNR position is that it is still a serious disease.

“We’re approaching 20 percent prevalence (or one out of five) in adult male deer, which most hunters aspire to kill, and the Centers of Disease Control and World Health Organization still say not to eat CWD-positive deer,” Hauge said.


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Would you support the reinstatement of a four-day October antlerless gun deer season in the CWD zone?

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