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Do you agree with Gogebic Taconite’s decision to hire guards armed with semi-automatic rifles and wearing camouflage from Arizona-based Bulletproof to protect their work site in Iron County?

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Which of three proposed alternative plans for the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area do you favor

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Sauk Prairie Rec – 3 Proposed Plans – WHICH ONE … ???

The Question: “Which of three proposed alternative plans for the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area do you favor”

WHAT do YOU think of this.


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Public asked to comment on draft conceptual alternatives for operation of former Badger Army Ammunition Plant as the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area

FITCHBURG, Wis. – The public is invited to share their comments on the preliminary vision and goal statements and three draft conceptual alternatives prepared by Department of Natural Resources planners for future development and operation of the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area, formerly known as the Badger Army Ammunition Plant located between Baraboo and Sauk City.

Alternative 1: No action

The property will have limited public access for the nature based outdoor activities of hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking, and cross country skiing. Public access to cemeteries on the property will be maintained. No additional funding will be spent on restoration or property development. Any structures or debris left on the property at the time of the land transfer will remain. The department will restrict access if there are any public safety concerns.

Alternative 2: Ecological restoration emphasis

Under this management alternative, the primary emphasis is on restoration work of the grassland ecosystem. A variety of management tools will be used to maintain grassland and savanna. No development is proposed, and access will be limited to pedestrian use. Most remaining infrastructure, buildings and debris would be removed. Visitors would enjoy a perceived remoteness and quiet. Recreation opportunities will be limited to the nature based outdoor activities of hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking and cross country skiing. There would be limited vehicle access and no permanent DNR staff stationed at the location, interaction with DNR staff would be limited. Volunteers would promote community participation in educational activities.

Alternative 3: Outdoor recreation emphasis

Under this management alternative, the primary purpose is getting users onto the property. Visitors would be offered a variety of outdoor recreational experiences while providing interpretive and educational opportunities related to the property’s history and restoration efforts. The visitor experience will include a higher level of development and accessibility. Opportunities for the nature based outdoor activities of hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking and cross country skiing will be provided as well as opportunities for biking, horseback riding, motorized use and a shooting range, picnic areas, viewing areas and a fishing pier. This alternative also projects selectively siting and constructing (through community partnerships) a new visitor center with interpretation and education opportunities; the center could also serve as a trailhead facility near the railroad corridor, which will serve as a designated recreation corridor in the future. Areas of grassland and shrub land compatible with low-impact recreation trails would be restored.

READ MORE HERE:   Sauk Prairie Master Plan

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Do you have confidence in Dr. James Kroll as the new Wisconsin “deer trustee?”

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Should Wisconsin drop its elk reintroduction program?

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Wisconsin Elk herd … worth the effort?
Wisconsin: State’s elk herd growing slowly

Courtesy of Wisconsin Outdoor News

Clam Lake, Wis. – Wisconsin now has at least 168 elk, 16 years after the 2005 reintroduction of 25 Michigan elk to the wild landscape of Ashland, Sawyer, and Bayfield counties.

The largest the herd has ever been was this spring when it totaled about 176 animals following the calving season.

Of the 22 new calves, at least 13 (or 59 percent) had died by the end of September. Last year the herd grew by 16 percent, but the previous year it saw no growth.

Most of the loss so far this year has been due to predators, including four to wolves and three to bears. One calf died due to accidental drowning, and a few were born underweight and didn’t survive.

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1st Annual Lake Delton Youth – Fishing Jamboree – June 5th 2010

Click IMAGE to download Official LDFRP Jamboree Registration Form

When & Where:

  • June 5th 2010
  • 9am – 1pm @ Opening and closing ceremonies Kaminski Park at Lake Delton, WI

Fishing to take place on:

  • Lake Delton (on boats by lottery draw at opening ceremonies)
  • Mirror Lake (from shoreline areas at park)
  • Lower WI River (shore fishing by River’s Edge Bait and Tackle)

For more information