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Should Wisconsin sell “surplus” land?

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Would you support creating catch and release seasons for game fish that would replace closed fishing seasons if there are no significant biological impacts?

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Could catch-n-release replace some closed seasons …?

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The Question: “Should Wisconsin sell “surplus” land?quot;WHAT do YOU think of this?


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Question 2 in the Spring Fish and Wildlife Hearings Questionnaire deals with catch-and-release fishing seasons

In June 2013, Governor Walker vetoed a section of the 2013-15 state budget bill that would have established a catch-and-release only season for bass fishing in areas of the state where there is not a continuous open season for bass fishing. To gather additional public input, the department wants your opinion on replacing existing closed fishing seasons with catch and release seasons for all or most game fish species.

Catch and release season benefits:

  • Anglers have additional opportunities to fish year-round, increasing interest in fisheries and expanding tourism and economic development statewide
  • It defers harvest of fish until the open season, maintaining good numbers of fish to a time period when they are less vulnerable and more anglers have an opportunity to participate
  • Anglers gain expertise in a particular fishery or fishing technique, and may develop an interest in “limiting their kill” instead of “killing their limit”
  • Focus on use of bag and length limits to manage fish populations rather than seasons

Catch and release season concerns:

  • Potential delayed mortality as a result of stress on the fish or wounding by the hook
  • Targeting of vulnerable fish during spawning times when the seasons have typically been closed, although it would be illegal to harvest the fish. Catch and release seasons could replace closed seasons as has been done with the successful current catch and release seasons for trout and bass.

Existing year-round open or closed seasons would remain in place.

There would be a need to further evaluate for which species catch and release seasons would apply, as well as discuss with Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan DNRs whether this would affect border waters and Great Lakes waters.



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