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Should cougars remain protected in Wisconsin?
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Should counties have the option to tax an elaborate deer stand?

Deer Stand or Bunkhouse … taxation option?

Background: Jeff Hardy, of Randall, Minn., has a deer stand on his 40-acre property in Morrison County. Hardy’s deer stand is a bit more elaborate than most, measuring 8 x 16 feet, with vinyl siding, a shooting deck and room to sleep a couple hunters. The county says it’s a bunkhouse, not a deer stand, and as such it is subject to property tax assessment.

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Coulee Country Farm | Land 4 Sale

Organic Farm Community Forming in SW Wisconsin

Coulee Country Farm - Gate entrance►Six households will each have an individual house site to build on and share ownership of 115+ acres of common land in Vernon County, Wisconsin.

►The land includes forest, open land, rock outcroppings, wetland, 3 springs and a small trout stream. Deer and turkeys are plentiful in the hills.
Topsoil in the bottomland is up to 4 feet deep.

►The land will be protected by covenants so that it remains undividable and its organic status is maintained. Homes and lifestyle will be Green.

►Couples who would like to raise their children to care for the earth are particularly welcome, as well as those interested in creating a CSA, herb farm, artisanal raw-milk cheese operation or other small organic farming venture.

►Our goal is to live in a sustainable community whose members grow as much of their own food/animals as possible and enjoy each others’ company.

►We hope that the property will also become home to a multi-functional educational facility and/or natural healing center.

►The opportunity to purchase this property will not last long.


If you are interested, please contact:  couleecountryfarm@gmail.com