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Do you think Wisconsin should have an early duck season for teal only?

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Do you approve of the new trolling regulations recently passed by the Natural Resources Board?

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“NEW Trolling reg – On board … ???

The Question: “Do you approve of the new trolling regulations recently passed by the Natural Resources Board?”

WHAT do YOU think of this.
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New trolling rule approved by Natural Resources Board

A proposed rule allowing anglers to troll for fish on inland waters statewide was modified Wednesday by the Natural Resources Board.

Beginning in 2015:

  • Trolling would be legal with at least one line per angler on all inland waters in Wisconsin.
  • In 55 counties in the state, all inland waters would be open to trolling with up to three lines per angler.
  • In the remaining 17 counties – on waters not currently open to trolling – trolling would be allowed but would be limited to one line per angler and no more than two lines per boat, which means no more than two anglers trolling at a time. (Door, Florence, Fond du Lac, Iron, Jackson, Lincoln, Marathon, Marquette, Menominee, Milwaukee, Oneida, Ozaukee, Sawyer, Sheboygan, Vilas, Washington and Waushara.)

The board also added a three-year sunset clause meaning the new rule, which would take effect in 2015 pending legislative review, will revert to the current rule in 2018 unless the board takes additional action.

This action will give the DNR and the Wisconsin Conservation Congress time to engage anglers and explore issues related to trolling in counties where the proposal was opposed during the spring fish and game hearings.

“Trolling” means trailing a lure or bait from a boat under power by means other than drifting or rowing.

The proposal to allow trolling statewide with at least one line per angler was supported at the spring fish and game rule hearings by a majority of individuals – 3,646 to 2,250 – and by 61 of the state’s 72 counties.

One key goal of the proposal, sought by musky anglers, is to legalize the practice of trailing live bait behind a boat, while casting with another rod. Under current rules, trailing a sucker or other minnow behind the boat while under power, however briefly, is considered trolling.

Trolling is currently allowed on all waters in 18 counties; on one or more specific waters in 45 counties (105 total waters); and on the boundary waters with Iowa, Minnesota and Michigan, except on Vilas County boundary waters. Trolling is not allowed on any other waters, except that certain disabled anglers can troll anywhere by special permit.

DNR biologists told the board Wednesday that years of data have shown no harmful biological effects to fisheries in lakes where trolling has been legal. Trolling is broadly allowed in surrounding states and in Canadian provinces.

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For More Information Contact:

  • Tim Simonson, DNR fisheries management – (608) 266-5222
  • Steve Hewett, DNR fisheries management – (608) 267-7501
  • Ed Culhane, DNR communications – (715) 781-1683


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Is Wisconsin doing enough to help disabled hunters?

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Do you think “Free Fun Weekend” recruits many new anglers and outdoor recreationists?

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The Question: Do you think “Free Fun Weekend” recruits many new anglers and outdoor recreationists?WHAT do YOU think of this.


photo c. WDNR ©2014

June 7, 8 is Free Fun Weekend

MADISON – For two days in June, Wisconsin residents and visitors alike can enjoy some of the country’s best outdoor recreation for free.

On June 7-8, people can fish for free anywhere in Wisconsin, hike or bike state trails for free, ride public ATV trails for free, and, new this year, enjoy free admission to state parks and forests on both days as well.

“Free Fun weekend is a great way for friends and families to enjoy the great outdoor throughout Wisconsin,” says Preston Cole, Natural Resources Board chairman. “And, if you already have your fishing license or parks sticker, take someone new along to enjoy the free fun.”

Cole also encourages people to help spread the word by printing off and posting or sharing a flyer on the Free Fun Weekend. Posters are available in English, Spanish and Hmong and are available in letter size as well as 11-by-17 inch size.

Go to the DNR Web site and search free fun for links to the downloadable posters and more information about Free Fun Weekend.

Free state parks admission

For the first time, vehicle admission fees to Wisconsin State Park System properties are waived for both June 7 and 8. Previously, the state park system’s longstanding free open house was only the first Sunday in June; this year, vehicle admission fees have been waived for both the first Saturday and Sunday in June.

People who camp at state parks will still pay for their campsites and other events or programs on those two days may require a fee as well.

Free fishing

Free fishing on June 7 and 8 applies to all Wisconsin waters. No fishing license is needed to fish any waters — this includes inland trout and Great Lakes trout and salmon fishing, which normally would require a trout stamp in addition to a license. Fishing rules such as limits on the length and species of fish that can be kept do apply, however.

So far, more than two dozen free fishing clinics are scheduled across the state to help encourage people to try fishing. Check back as the free weekend gets closer as more are expected to be scheduled.

Free loaner equipment is available at more than 50 locations, including many state parks, DNR offices, and partner organizations, according to Theresa Stabo, DNR aquatic education director. People interested in borrowing gear should check for a loaner location near them or near where they will be fishing and arrange to get the equipment.

Free state trails

On June 7 and 8, all state trail pass fees on all DNR-owned state trails are waived. Cooperatively-run state trails also may waive fees. Normally, a state trail pass is required for all people age 16 or older biking, in-line skating, horseback riding, cross-country skiing or off-highway motorcycling on certain trails. A state trail pass is not required for walking or hiking.

Free ATV riding on public trails open to such use

For the second year, Wisconsin residents and nonresidents can ride their ATVs or UTVs on public trails for free on those two days. A law advanced by the Wisconsin ATV Association and passed in 2012 created the free weekend.

Normally, Wisconsin residents have to register their ATVs or UTVs with DNR for public use to operate on public trails, or other areas open to the public like frozen water bodies. Nonresident riders normally have to buy a nonresident trail pass to ride on these areas in Wisconsin. On June 7 and 8, the registration and trail pass fees are waived. All other ATV and UTV regulations apply during the weekend.

For More Information Contact:

  • FREE WEEKEND: Theresa Stabo, angler education – (608) 266-2272
  • ATVs: Joanne Haas, law enforcement public affairs manager – (608) 267-0798
  • STATE PARKS & TRAILS: Paul Holtan, state parks, forests, trails and recreation public affairs manager – (608) 267-7517


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Do you have confidence in the new leadership of the Wisconsin DNR?
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Do you approve of Wisconsin DNR secretary Cathy Stepp’s picks for division managers?

Approve of NEW WDNR Division Managers?


MADISON – Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp announced that six long-time DNR employees are among seven appointments to her senior management team.

“I believe in this agency,” Stepp said. “We have the best and the brightest in state government right here. There is strength in picking leaders from within with knowledge of the agency and established respect by both employees and externals. I am proud of the strong team we’ve assembled,” she said.

Stepp announced that former DNR Deputy Secretary Al Shea, 57, will play a major role in her administration. “Al Shea will be in a newly created position as the fourth member of the Secretary’s Office. He will be taking the agency lead on business support, organizational effectiveness and sustainability.” She noted more information on this new role will be forthcoming.

Stepp named the following to head up DNR’s six divisions:

  • Kurt Thiede, 38, Division of Land
  • Tim Lawhern, 56, Division of Enforcement and Science
  • Julie Sauer, 51, Division of Customer and Employee Services (CAES)
  • Bruce Baker, 60, Division of Water
  • Paul DeLong, 47, Division of Forestry
  • Pat Stevens, 49, Division of Air and Waste

The six administrators will be starting their new positions over the next two weeks. Earlier this month, Stepp announced her choice for Deputy Secretary, Waukesha Attorney Matt Moroney, and for Executive Assistant, Scott Gunderson, 16-year 83rd Assembly District Representative. All appointees will receive the same salary as their predecessors.

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