Are you concerned about the apparent continued spread of CWD in Wisconsin’s deer herd?

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031415_dsore_s1011_pollpicIn the March 8 edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Outdoors Editor Paul Smith wrote:

“Deer hunters using crossbows in Wisconsin last year had a slightly higher success rate and were older than those using vertical bows.
In addition, the use of crossbows contributed to a record buck bow kill in 2014.”

Smith reports that crossbow hunters registered 15,768 bucks, compared with 30,433 bucks taken with vertical bows, and that the total buck harvest was 46,201, which topped the previous high of 45,988, recorded in 2012.

Smith quotes DNR wildlife bureau director Tom Hauge as saying, “When I stand back and look at the overall deer harvest, the 47,000 crossbow hunters didn’t change the overall trajectory of the season.”

In Michigan, where crossbows were legalized for all hunters in 2009, 49% of archery hunters used them. If that trend is matched here in Wisconsin, nearly half of archery hunters may be using crossbows in a few years.

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Do you approve of the DNR’s Draft Lake Michigan Fisheries Management Plan?

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Take the POLL: VOTE!“Do you think Wisconsin’s new crossbow season will have a significant impact on deer numbers?

“Crossbow Deer Season: What IMPACT on deer numbers… ?

New crossbow deer hunting season will be offered in 2014

Poll Pic S930New in 2014, a crossbow deer hunting license is available for any qualified hunter to purchase. Previously, only disabled hunters could use a crossbow under the authority of an archer license.

The crossbow deer hunting season will run concurrent with the regular archer season. During open firearm seasons, a gun deer license will authorize bow and crossbow use. Crossbow licenses include one statewide buck tag and one Farmland Zone antlerless tag. It is important to note that persons purchasing a traditional bow and a crossbow license will receive only one set of tags.

Hunters are also encouraged to check out the frequently asked questions page for more information regarding rule changes. The FAQ feature provides brief responses to a wide variety of deer hunting questions, ranging from deer management unit boundaries to antlerless permits. To view the FAQ page, visit DNR Website and search keyword deer.

Those interested in receiving email updates on crossbow deer hunting can sign up to receive occasional email reminders about season dates, regulations reminders and other important information. Visit DNR Website and click on the email icon near the bottom of the page for subscribe for updates for DNR topics, then follow the prompts and select the Crossbow Deer Hunting distribution list.

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  • Bob Nack, DNR big game management section chief – (608) 264-6137

The Question: “Do you think Wisconsin’s new crossbow season will have a significant impact on deer numbers?”

WHAT do YOU think of this?


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Would you support legislation to authorize banning deer baiting and feeding statewide 10 days before and during the 9-day gun deer season?

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Do you believe the Deer Management Assistance Program will have a beneficial impact on Wisconsin’s deer herd?

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DMAP – Beneficial to Wisconsin deer herd …?

Poll.Pic, s908
The Question: “Do you believe the Deer Management Assistance Program will have a beneficial impact on Wisconsin’s deer herd?”WHAT do YOU think of this.

Deer Management Assistance Program


The Wisconsin Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) provides habitat and herd management assistance to landowners interested in managing their property for wildlife. The department will assist landowners with the implementation of forest regeneration and deer hunting practices that will emphasize property goals while considering the ecological and social impacts of white-tailed deer.

DMAP core values

The program is a cooperative effort between the DNR, landowners and hunters and is grounded on many core values.

White-tailed deer are an important wildlife species in Wisconsin and should be held in high esteem.

All wildlife is held in the public trust for the benefit of all people.

Habitat and population management practices for deer will benefit forest plant communities and additional wildlife species.

DMAP program information

Wildlife and forestry professionals will work with landowners to develop consistent and achievable goals for the property. In return, cooperators will share information, collect biological data and participate in annual meetings and workshops. This one-on-one relationship, stressing communication and cooperation, makes DMAP a flexible and effective deer management program.

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