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Do you think Wisconsin’s goal of 350 wolves is reasonable?

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Is Wisconsin doing enough to help disabled hunters?

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Disable Hunters – is WI doing enough to assist ???

The Question: Is Wisconsin doing enough to help disabled hunters?

WHAT do YOU think of this.


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2014 disabled gun deer hunt provides great opportunity for hunters with disabilities and interested landowners

Sponsors and landowners interested in hosting a gun hunt for deer hunters with disabilities are reminded that the deadline to submit an application is June 1. The 2014 disabled hunt will take place Oct. 4 to 12.

For an online application, search the DNR Website for keywords disabled deer hunt. If sponsors do not have access to an online application, please contact Dan Kaminski, Assistant Big Game Ecologist, at 608-261-7588 for a physical copy. Sponsors are encouraged to own at least 60 acres of land and will be required to allow other interested disabled hunters to use their land during the disabled deer hunt.

In 2013, 108 sponsors worked closely with landowners and made over 78,000 acres of land available to hunters with disabilities. These sponsors and landowners provided opportunities for over 260 disabled hunters to get out into the field and enjoy the outdoors.

“The new online application created in 2013 helped to streamline the application process for both hunt sponsors, hunters and DNR staff,” said Kaminski. “Disabled hunters are now able to see which properties are enrolled in the hunt sooner than in previous years. Our sincere gratitude goes out to all of the hunt sponsors, landowners and volunteers.”

A full list of hunt sponsors will be available on DNR’s website after June 1. Sponsors are required to submit a list of participants no later than Sept. 1. A list of participating hunters can be submitted online. Interested hunters are encouraged to contact sponsors as soon as possible.


  • Dan Kaminski, Assistant Big Game Ecologist – (608) 261-7588


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