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Do you approve of the DNR’s plans to create an outdoor skills recruitment and retention center at the McKenzie Environmental Center?

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Do you approve of the current deer season framework?

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WI Deer Season Framwork – Yea or Nay …???

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The Question:“Do you approve of the current deer season framework?”

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March statewide Deer Hunter Forums will inform 2013 deer season framework

MADISON – Though the 2013 deer hunting season is months away, planning is underway with statewide Deer Hunter Forums being held by Department of Natural Resources during the last two weeks of March.

The department has scheduled 34 meetings seeking public input representing all counties in the state. This is the first formal opportunity of the year for hunters and other interested individuals to discuss the current status of the deer herd in their area and ask other deer management questions of DNR wildlife managers.

“By participating in a deer hunter forum, you can access information about your favorite deer management unit, plus provide your opinions and observations while thinking about how they help shape management decisions,” said Kevin Wallenfang, DNR big game ecologist. “Public feedback is very helpful as we develop the 2013 deer hunting season.”

Local wildlife biologists will be on hand to answer questions and talk about the current status of the local deer herd. They will listen to ideas and observations, and discuss possible strategies to manage the herd.

“Wisconsin has long been known as one of the most publicly driven deer management programs in the country, but that only works if people participate,” said Wallenfang. “We hope that by hosting so many meetings and making information available on the web, people can find a location that suits them. We are looking forward to the discussions.”

To find a meeting location and time [PDF], visit DNR web site and search keywords Deer Hunter Forum.

Those unable to attend a local meeting may still provide their personal input on their preferred deer management unit using an on-line herd status summary and survey which will be active from March 18 to April 12. During that period, please visit DNR web site and search keywords Deer Hunter Forum.

Comments and survey results will be compiled and provided to the wildlife biologist responsible for each county.


  • Kevin Wallenfang – (608) 261-7589



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