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Do you approve of Gov. Walker’s move to stop the October antlerless hunt in the CWD Zone?

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Do you approve of Gov. Walker’s move to stop the October antlerless hunt in the CWD Zone?

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Coyote in Gun-Deer Season -Wolf Mnmgt Zone 1… ???

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The question:”Will you take advantage of the rule change that will allow coyote hunting in the northern zone during the gun deer season beginning this year?WHAT do YOU think of this.
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Natural Resources; Fish, Game, etc., Chs. NR1: SS 038-12

This statement of scope was approved by the governor on May 29, 2012.

Rule No.

WM-15-12 and WM-16-12 (E), Chapter NR 10.

Relating to

Amending Chapter NR 10 to establish that coyote hunting is allowed during firearm deer seasons in Wolf Management Zone 1.

Rule Type

Both permanent and emergency.

Finding/Nature of Emergency (Emergency Rule Only)

Non-statutory provisions in SECTION 21 of 2011 ACT 169 require the department to submit rules necessary for implementation or interpretation and establish that the department is not required to make a finding of emergency.

Detailed Description of the Objective of the Proposed Rule

The coyote hunting season is currently closed at times when firearm deer seasons are open in Wolf Management Zone 1. This rule would open the coyote season.

Under this proposal, wolves would continue to be protected during the firearm deer season and harvest would only be allowed by a person who possesses a valid wolf harvesting license.

The current closure was established when wolves were listed in Wisconsin and federally as an endangered species, to prevent incidents of misidentification by people who intended to harvest coyotes. The closure is no longer needed for protection of the wolf population and this coyote hunting opportunity can be restored. The wolf population has expanded and packs are established in many areas outside of Wolf Management Zone 1, where the current coyote season closure has never been in effect.

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Description of the Existing Policies Relevant to the Rule, New Policies Proposed to be Included in the Rule and an Analysis of Policy Alternatives

Policies relevant to the rule are consistent with existing policies for hunting. Coyote harvest is currently and has historically been allowed during firearm deer seasons outside of Zone 1 and this does not seem to have impacted wolf management in those areas. The department has regulations in place establishing open and closed seasons or continuous open seasons for many established species.

Detailed Explanation of Statutory Authority for the Rule

Opening the coyote hunting season at times when a firearm deer season is also open is specifically authorized under 29.185 (5) (d) which was created by 2011 ACT 169.

Non-statutory provisions of 2011 ACT 169 exempt the department from making a finding of emergency in promulgating any rules that are necessary to implement the ACT.

The department is also directed by s. 29.014, Wis. Stats., to establish regulations for the taking of game that conserve populations, including coyotes, and provide opportunities for good hunting.

Estimate of Amount of Time that State Employees will Spend Developing the Rule and of Other Resources Necessary to Develop the Rule

Fewer than 20 additional hours of effort will be needed to expand the coyote hunting season. The department is already actively promulgating rules to implement 2011 ACT 169 and promulgating this additional rule can be part of the ongoing effort.

List with Description of all Entities that may be Affected by the Proposed Rule

Coyotes are commonly harvested incidentally by deer hunters during the firearm deer season. Expanding that opportunity to hunters in Wolf Management Zone 1 will increase opportunity for those hunters and they are the only people who are likely to be affected by the proposed rule.

These rules are applicable to individual sportspersons and impose no compliance or reporting requirements for small businesses and no design or operational standards are established in the rule.

Summary and Preliminary Comparison with any Existing or Proposed Federal Regulation that is Intended to Address the Activities to be Regulated by the Proposed Rule

The department is not aware of any existing or proposed federal regulations related to coyote hunting.

Anticipated Economic Impact of Implementing the Rule (Note if the Rule is Likely to have a Significant Economic Impact on Small Businesses)

The department does not anticipate any economic impact from implementing this proposal. During the firearm deer season, hunters are primarily pursuing deer and that is what drives a person’s decision to participate. Hunters may appreciate the opportunity to harvest a coyote incidentally to their deer hunting activities, but the opportunity is not anticipated to have any impact on hunter participation or their related activities and expenditures.

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