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Would you support legislation to ban deer baiting and feeding statewide 10 days before and during the nine-day gun deer season? YES 67% | NO 33% | MAYBE 0% | UNDECIDED 0% | OTHER 0% IMPRESSIONS: 182 | RESPONSES: 15 | COMMENTS: 0

INSTANT SURVEY VOTE ON – POLL s615 Do you favor increasing the minimum size limit to 40 inches for muskellunge on all waters that currently have a 34-inch minimum size limit, and decreasing the minimum size limit to 28 inches for muskellunge on ten slow-growth waters?
Muskellunge Size Reg Changes … ???
BACKGROUND: Muskellunge 40-inch Minimum Size Limit on Most Waters Statewide

This proposal would increase the minimum size limit from 34 to 40 inches for muskellunge on approximately 600 waters. It would decrease the minimum size limit to 28 inches for muskellunge on ten slow-growth waters:

  • English and Mineral lakes (Ashland County)
  • Bearskin, Booth and Squaw lakes (Oneida County),
  • Julia Lake (Oneida and Forest counties)
  • Butternut and Solberg lakes (Price County)
  • Spider Lake (Sawyer County)
  • Upper Gresham Lake (Vilas County)


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Would you support a statutory change that would allow hunters 55 years of age or older to use a crossbow for hunting without the need to obtain medical proof of a disability?

YES 50% |  NO 50% |  MAYBE 0%  |  UNDECIDED 0%  |  OTHER 0%


Should UTV’s be allowed on state-owned ATV trails?
UTV’s on ATV trails …?


Trails opened to all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) in Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources properties will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine whether the trail will be open to Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV’s) as well under a UTV pilot program in effect until June 30, 2012.

Under the pilot program, utility terrain vehicles, also known as lightweight utility vehicles or side by sides, may be allowed on certain all-terrain vehicle trails and routes statewide.

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Whitefish Studio: Fishing Down To The Lake


Fishing Down to the Lake

Collector Edition 12″x 17″ – to – 14″ x 19″

300 Prints

w/30 Artist/Proofs

$200.00 – (plus shipping)


Print Information

We publish all of our limited edition prints on French, archival watercolor paper, in the French Giclee method. This allows us to achieve a level of color saturation that often times makes them indistinguishable from the original.

Many of our prints are available in three sizes to accommodate the needs of our friends. As the size of the print increases, the number in the edition decreases. Please note that the sizes are approximate, as some of the originals are of different proportions. The two smaller editions have a 2″ boarder for matting purposes, the largest… a 3″ boarder.

If you’re interested in a larger print of an image, please call us for availability, sizes, and pricing.

  • Collector Edition 12″ x 17″ – to – 14″ x 19″ edition size – 300 (30 A/P) – $200.00 – (plus shipping)
  • Master Edition 18″ x 24″ edition size – 100 (10 A/P) – $400.00 – (plus shipping)
  • Grand Edition 28″ x 40″ edition size – 50 (5 A/P) – $1000.00 – (plus shipping)
  • Original pencil remarques are available for $50
  • Artist’s Proofs are available for an additional $100