OUTDOORS RADIO – Vol.10 Issue 1002

OUTDOORS RADIO w/Dan Small - Show 1002 for January 10, 2015
SHOW 1002  January 10, 2015Thanks to the cold snap, the ice is nice across Wisconsin – time for some hardwater fishing. Lake Home and Cabin Show preview. Time for winter fun in Adams County. Dan gets ready for the Milwaukee Boat Show. Dan and Jeff promote Wisconsin Free Ice Fishing Weekend Jan. 17-18.

This week’s giveaway: Jiffy POWERHEAD COVER that will fit any power auger. To enter, call 414-297-7554 or email dsoradio@gmail.com. Leave your name and phone number and mention the Jiffy giveaway. http://www.jiffyonice.com/

Do you agree with the Federal District Court decision to put wolves in the Great Lakes Region back on the Federal Endangered Species List


MARK LA BARBERA | Founder and organizer of the Midwest Outdoor Heritage Education Expo invites teachers and parents to bring 4th-6th-graders to the second annual expo, May 14-15 at the MacKenzie Center near Poynette – http://www.outdoorheritageeducationcenter.com

PEGGY FARRELL | International and Wisconsin director of the Becoming an Outdoorswoman program announces some great winter programs for women

BRENT CHAPMAN/AARON MARTENS | Pro anglers talk about the upcoming Bassmasters Classic and suggest what it takes to compete at the elite pro angler  – http://www.nasportshow.com/,http://www.bassmaster.com/

DUFFY KOPF | Presented by the Lake Home & Cabin Show, Jan. 23-25 at the Alliant Energy Center Jiffy and Nebulus pro-staffer Duffy Kopf offers advice for early-season ice fishing http://lakehomeandcabinshow.com/



NEWS #1 Thrills on the line as ice fishing season ramps up
MADISON — DNR again offering Winter Free Fishing Weekend Jan. 17-18  Whether you prefer a high-tech, low-tech or no-tech approach, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources can help you hook into some fun this ice fishing season. http://dnr.wi.gov/news/Weekly/?id=464#art1

NEWS #2Final comment period begins for Wisconsin Wild Turkey Management Plan
MADISON – Wisconsin’s Wild Turkey Management Plan is nearly complete, and those who wish to play a role in wild turkey management are encouraged to attend a public hearing or provide feedback online before Feb. 20, 2015. http://dnr.wi.gov/news/Weekly/Article/?id=3170



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Do reduced walleye bag limits discourage you from fishing in northern Wisconsin?

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Is Wisconsin doing enough to combat invasive species?

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Invasive Species: how’s the state doing … ???

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The Question: “Is Wisconsin doing enough to combat invasive species?”

WHAT do YOU think of this.

photo c. WDNR ©2013

Invasive species strategic plan released, implementation summit planned

MADISON – A new statewide strategic plan will help guide Wisconsin state agencies and partners in responding to the threat of invasive species to the state’s ecosystems, recreation, and economy.

Translating that plan into action will be the topic of a May 23 summit in Madison that will bring together government agencies, conservation groups, businesses and interested individuals.

The strategic plan was developed by the Wisconsin Invasive Species Council, which includes representatives from state agencies and seven private members from industry, the university system, and nongovernmental organizations.

The plan provides an overarching strategy that individual agency and partner plans can draw from and that supports successful ongoing work in Wisconsin, according to Paul Schumacher, council chair and a member of Wisconsin Lakes, from Door County.

“With the plan finalized, it is now time to move toward implementation,” Schumacher says. “We invite agency, industry, academic, and nonprofit partners to join in on this dialogue. Our goal is to develop a shared vision on how the strategic plan can be used to enhance invasive species efforts in Wisconsin.”

“Everyone has an interest in finding solutions. The reason for holding a workday to create an implementation plan is to turn those solutions into actions to prevent the spread of invasive species,” says Mindy Wilkinson, invasive species project coordinator at the Department of Natural Resources. “Invasive species threaten our native plants and animals, our agriculture, tourism and forestry industries, recreation, and quality of life.”

The plan, executive summary and appendices can be found on the Wisconsin Invasive Species Council website under “Strategic Plan.” The plan sets five top priorities for Wisconsin:

  • Improve education and outreach about the impacts of invasive species and what citizens and lawmakers can do to make a difference.
  • Prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species through new and existing pathways.
  • Improve detection of invasive species by growing networks of partners, supporting the use of information technology, and leveraging current research.
  • Create a dedicated fund for rapid response to new invasive species in Wisconsin.
  • Secure adequate long-term funding to control established invasive species including coordinated, competitive aid to support local actions and partnerships.

The Council’s “Implementation Summit” is set for May 23, 2013 at the Pyle Center in Madison and will include an overview of the plan, a panel discussion, and afternoon breakout sessions for participants to develop implementation plans for the core areas of the strategic plan.

To register for the Implementation Summit please contact Mindy Wilkinson, DNR’s invasive species coordinator, or 608-266-6437.


  • Mindy Wilkinson (608) 266-6437

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Would you favor legislation to prohibit the use of dogs to hunt and training dogs to hunt wolves?

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Do you approve of the DNR’s plans to create an outdoor skills recruitment and retention center at the McKenzie Environmental Center?

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WDNR creation of OSRRC at McKEC – Yea or Nay …???

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The Question:“Do you approve of the DNR’s plans to create an outdoor skills recruitment and retention center at the McKenzie Environmental Center?”

WHAT do YOU think of this.


photo c. WDNR ©2012

DNR to explore creation of a first-of-its-kind outdoor skills recruitment and retention center

POYNETTE, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has begun to explore the creation of an outdoor skills recruitment and retention center which will focus on promoting the education and training of long term mentors to help reverse the nationwide trend of declining hunters, anglers and trappers.

“We believe Wisconsin will be the first state to focus on training long-term mentors for recruiting adults, families and children into hunting, fishing, and trapping,” said Kurt Thiede, DNR land division administrator.

The location that has been identified for this first of its kind facility is the MacKenzie Environmental Education Center near Poynette in Columbia County. The center is owned by the state, provides classroom space, a dormitory, acreage for outdoor skills teaching, and is already the host to many learn-to-hunt events. In addition, it has a rich history of providing outdoor education, and it is in close proximity to southern Wisconsin population centers.

The MacKenzie center is currently run by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation in partnership with the DNR and a very active and dedicated friends group.

“Just over six years ago the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation stepped in at a time when the future of the MacKenzie center was uncertain,” said DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp. “During that time they have introduced thousands of visitors to the outdoors. The Friends of MacKenzie and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation have helped serve an important niche in providing a general environmental education curriculum.”

“The DNR appreciates and acknowledges that the federation has done an exceptional job of offering outdoor education for schools and the general public for the past 6-plus years,” added Stepp.

However, due to increasing operational costs, the DNR has been looking for options for reducing costs, while also refocusing part of its educational offerings to outdoors skills, recruitment and retention. Therefore, DNR began to look toward a model that has worked elsewhere, most notably in the Wisconsin State Park system, a private/public partnership.

“While the environmental educational programming has been beneficial, the costs to continue the current agreement at the MacKenzie center have become too high for the agency, and we are looking to reissue the current contract with a new focus,” stated Stepp. “Through an open process we will be soliciting bids from groups, individuals and organizations to run the center and provide the outdoor skills training and conservation curriculum.”

According to the DNR, they hope that the Friends groups, of which there are now two at the center and State Game Farm complex, along with the village of Poynette will remain active partners in education.

“We now have two Friends’ Groups associated with our Poynette campus,” Thiede said. “Our plan is for the Friends of MacKenzie and the Friends of the State Game Farm, along with the local community to continue to be active partners in outdoor skills and conservation related education.”

The current agreement with the WWF would end later this summer. Funding for the current fiscal year will allow for all classes that have scheduled visits to the MacKenzie center during the Spring Semester and summer to continue. The WWF and any other organizations, individuals, coalition of partners, or corporations will have an opportunity to respond to an Agency Request for Proposals.

“We look forward to developing a durable partnership with stakeholders, industries, hunters, anglers and trappers to ensure our conservation heritage,” added Thiede.

The agency’s RFP will be made available for public review in the spring of 2013, with selection and agreement signed with the successful bidder by fall of 2013.

For more information on the RFP or the MEEC, please contact

  • Kurt Thiede – (608) 266-5833
  • Mark Aquino, South Central Regional Director -(608) 275-3262



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