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Will you have your deer tested for CWD?

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Do you support the proposed changes in deer seasons and deer management?

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Proposed Changes to WI Deer Management … support them ???

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The Question: “Do you support the proposed changes in deer seasons and deer management?”WHAT do YOU think of this.


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What the Deer Trustee Report Means for Hunters

The package of new rules stemming from the Deer Trustee Report that the DNR will present to the Natural Resources Board in December includes the following changes:

  • Eliminate the one-day archery season closure (the day before gun deer season)
  • Reduce the number of Deer Management Units (either 72, based on the number of counties, or 53, arrived at by combining existing DMUs
  • Eliminate December antlerless hunt and add those four days to muzzleloader season
  • Gun license would include one buck tag and one antlerless tag, good for any farmland DMU
  • Extra antlerless tags would cost $12 each regardless of DMU and weapon type
  • Establishment of a Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP)

A complete proposed rules package can be found HERE. (PDF)

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Should the Natural Resources Board approve the proposed regulations for a wolf hunting and trapping season, including a quota of 201 wolves for the 2012-13 season?

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Do you approve of the Deer Trustee and Review Committee’s recommendations for changes to Wisconsin’s deer management program?

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DEER Trustee Report: Confidence or Conflict… ???

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Wisconsin Deer Trustee and Review Committee Release Final Report

In their final report, Wisconsin’s White-Tailed Deer Review Committee, consisting of Dr. James Kroll, Dr. David Guynn and Dr. Gary Alt, recommended many significant changes in Wisconsin’s deer management program.

In the report released to the public on July 9, they suggested the state implement a Deer Management Assistance Program similar to what is done in 20 other states.

They also called for a more passive approach to CWD management in southern Wisconsin and the continued use of the Sex-Age-Kill model for determining deer populations on a statewide basis, rather than in individual deer management units.

The 135-page report offered recommendations in these areas:

    • population management
    • hunting regulations
    • seasons and bag limits
    • predator studies and management
    • chronic wasting disease
    • harvest data collection
    • herd health and productivity
    • habitat
    • people
    • DNR research and technical publications
    • Conservation Congress
    • and DNR personnel

A seven-page Executive Summary lists these recommendations, which are spelled out in the full report.

For more information:

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Do you approve of the Deer Trustee and Review Committee’s recommendations for changes to Wisconsin’s deer management program?

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How would you rate Wisconsin’s 2011 gun deer season?
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Do you expect to see big bucks when you hunt?

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Big Bucks… What are your expectations ?
Big bucks in your vision?

Some critics say the TV deer hunting shows that feature hunters passing up multiple bucks most of us would shoot and then only taking monster bucks that will score high enough to make the Boone & Crockett records create unrealistic expectations.

Hunters who watch these shows, they say, look at their own hunting experiences as inferior because most hunters do not have access to land managed for trophy animals. These shows, the critics say, contribute to the growing dissatisfaction among deer hunters, such as that manifested in Wisconsin in recent years.

This unrest in Wisconsin has led to the appointment by Gov. Scott Walker of Dr. James Kroll as the state’s “Deer Trustee,” charged with reviewing the state’s deer management program and coming up with suggestions for improving it.

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