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Do you think white pelicans are impacting game fish populations in Wisconsin waters?
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White Pelicans.. Impact or No???
Grasping pelican numbers, effects on fish is not easy

Madison – The big white bird about which a famous limerick was written – and falsely attributed to humor poet Ogden Nash – has survived despite the literary error, and seems to be doing quite well in Wisconsin. The pelican, however, also seems to be the cause of growing concern among fishermen, some of whom see it as a primary competitor for game fish.

Those pelicans “… whose beaks can hold more than their bellies can …” have been temporary residents here for some time, but only recently has attention been called to their numbers, which are growing in areas they visit during annual migrations – the Wisconsin waters of the upper Mississippi River, Green Bay and Door County, Horicon Marsh, and the lakes of the Winnebago chain.

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16 May 2009 Dan Small Outdoors Radio


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051609_dsor_s420_hobbins64x◄ IronClads named a top invention by Popular Science Magazine. ► Wisconsin launches campaign to combat VHS and aquatic invasives. ► New York turkey hunting report. ► Lake Superior fishing is hot. ► Camp Chef Cooking Corner with Cindy Overton.

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DSORe POLL s420:
Do you think the new DNR musical campaign to fight VHS and aquatic invasives will be effective?

If you do, what is your pleasure and who produces it? If not, tell us why, we’d really like to hear.  Let us know. Leave a Comment and please take the POLL in the navigation bar to the right.


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  • Sporting Art of Bob White Whitefish Studios / Dan’s Mall -Sporting Art of Bob White
  • Outdoors Radio co-sponsors Myhuntingpage.com’s spring turkey photo contest! Take a photo of your spring turkey or a turkey-related photo and enter to win great prizes
  • Gypsy moth aerial spraying to start soon  With the emergence of leaves comes the hatching of gypsy moth caterpillars, a destructive pest that feeds on the leaves of many species of trees and shrubs in Wisconsin.

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