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040415_dsore_s1014_pollpicWildlife experts say bill could be lethal for deer

On March 31, Dana Ferguson of the Associated Press, wrote:
“Republican lawmakers say they hope to put an end date on deer-feeding bans that have kept some Wisconsin residents from the pastime, but a wildlife expert warns the practice could harm the animals.”

Wisconsin law currently prohibits the baiting and feeding of deer in 35 counties: those where CWD-infected deer have been found and adjacent counties.

Ferguson reported that the author of the bill, Rep. Adam Jarchow, R-Balsam Lake, proposed the legislation because some residents in his district enjoy feeding and watching deer, which they can no longer do because of the discovery of a single CWD-infected deer in Washburn County in 2012. That discovery led to a ban on all baiting and feeding of deer in Washburn, Barron, Polk and Burnett counties.

Ferguson quotes UW-Madison assistant professor of forestry and wildlife ecology Tim Van Deelen as saying the practice of feeding deer puts them at risk of contracting CWD.




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If there is a crossbow season next year in Wisconsin, will you hunt deer with a crossbow?

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Crossbow Hunting for Deer – Will You ???

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The Question: “If there is a crossbow season next year in Wisconsin, will you hunt deer with a crossbow”WHAT do YOU think of this. VOTE YOUR OPINION

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Crossbow deer hunting could begin next year

In the Sept. 6 issue of Wisconsin Outdoor News, contributing writer Tim Eisele wrote:

Madison — The Senate Natural Resources Committee approved an amended bill that will allow crossbows to be used to hunt deer during a season that runs concurrent with regular bow deer seasons in 2014 and 2015.

It now needs the approval of the full Senate and then, because the Senate committee amended the bill, it must go back to the full Assembly before it goes to the governor for his signature.

The committee met Aug. 21 to take public comments on Assembly Bill 194 (which was passed by the Assembly 95-0 on June 6). Nobody testified against it; 16 testified in favor.

The elephant in the room was an amendment that had been distributed to committee members Aug. 19 that contained more compromises. That amendment was not publicly available for the Aug. 21 public hearing. It was introduced to the committee during an Aug. 22 executive session, and the amended bill ended up being the version adopted by the committee that day.

In the end, the bill and amendment adopted by the Senate committee eliminates age and disability requirements for hunters who want to use a crossbow and are 65 years old and older. Instead, it creates a new crossbow hunting license for residents and nonresidents.

It also specifies that when the DNR establishes a season on any species hunted by bow and arrow, that it also allows hunters to use a crossbow. During the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons, crossbow and bow deer seasons must run concurrently.



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Results of POLL s503 A new fishing lure not only attracts fish but forces them instinctively and reflexively to take the bait.  Should such a lure be outlawed?

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Instant Survey : Should it be legal to pick up road-killed game regardless of the season?

Road Kill Equity Bill

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Road Kill Equity, by Les Booth ©2010 OOAK Digital GalleryWisconsin Representative Ann Hraychuck has introduced a bill she calls the “Road Kill Equity Bill,” which would allow motorists to pick up most dead game on the highway during the open season for each species, provided the motorist has a valid hunting or trapping license. Read the entire bill here.

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Mike Nichols.