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Is the DNR doing enough to monitor and control CWD?

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TROPHY HUNTING – too much emphasis …???

Do you think the hunting industry puts too much emphasis on trophy bucks and records?


Burnett County celebrates ‘Jordan Buck’ centennial

Poll Pic S937In the September 19 edition of Wisconsin Outdoor News, contributing writer Joe Shead wrote:

Danbury, Wis. — It’s the nature of hunters to tell and re-tell the stories of their hunting triumphs, but few of these stories survive more than a generation. But then again, few hunting stories involve deer as large as the buck killed by James Jordan.

Jordan killed his legendary deer on Nov. 20, 1914, in Burnett County near Danbury. Decades after the buck was killed, it was officially scored at 2061⁄8 inches on the Boone and Crockett Club’s scoring scale, and has been surpassed only by Milo Hanson’s buck in Saskatchewan under the club’s “typical” whitetail category. In an era when the hunting market is flooded with gimmicks to help hunters grow and shoot more trophy bucks, hunters believe it’s pretty amazing that this deer has stood the test of time.

A century later, the “Jordan Buck” still ranks as the Wisconsin state record and the largest typical whitetail ever killed in the United States. Burnett County will honor the 100th anniversary of the hunt for its homegrown deer with several events.

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