Greetings Public!

Thank you for supporting stewardship-based efforts to restore Lake Delton ravaged by the June 9th 2008 natural disaster where entire Lake Delton drained into the Wisconsin River in less than 45 minutes! (See the disaster video on this site’s homepage)

So you have the idea. You imagine that you, your organization, club, or business would like to help raise funds for the Lake Delton Fisheries Restoration Project (LDFRP) but are not sure how. You might be imagining making a donation for a living or lost loved one, or for someone who shares your love for Lake Delton, its outstanding fishery, lake recreation and scenic beauty.

Imagine this… having the opportunity to help rebuild a entire natural disaster area, Lake Delton, ‘”from the bottom up’’ –literally, by ‘’adopting’’ lake restoration building blocks of a reef, crib or a handful of fingerlings, or by endowing an entire reef, crib, or school of fingerlings …with ETERNAL GPS location and naming rights! How awesome could this be!

Fundraising Goal

Our LDFRP goal is to raise $300,000 over 3 years, earmarked specifically for fisheries and lake habitat restoration, to restore and enhance the vibrant fishery and the pristine waters and shores of Lake Delton to a pre-disaster or enhanced state.

There are so many ways we can all help the Lake Delton Fisheries Restoration Project succeed.

How to Give: Channels for Individuals and Organizations to Contribute to the LDFRP

Four easy channels individuals and organizations can follow to contribute to the LDFRP.

Individuals and organizations may donate directly via Pay Pal on this site in the various adoption, endowment or general donation categories.

Individuals and organizations may donate by going to any Associated Bank and depositing money directly into the ‘’Lake Delton Fisheries Restoration Project’’ account. Tellers at ABs will be able to assist you in depositing donations into the LDFRP account.

Individuals and organizations may donate by writing a check out for any amount to the ‘’Lake Delton Fisheries Restoration Project’’ and mail it directly to LDFRP contact address on this site.

Individuals and organizations may also donate by visiting Supporting Sponsors listed on the Sponsor Page of this site, who will have donation collection cans at their locations.

Youth Fundraisers

Local, state, regional and national level schools, Boy and Girl Scouts organizations, 4-H and youth clubs of all kinds can get involved in fundraising efforts for this project.

Public Fundraisers

Anyone can mobilize to help raise funds for the LDFRP. Service organizations; local, state and national trusts and foundations; sportsmen’s clubs, individuals and associations of guides, outfitters and fishing pros; individuals and clubs of sports men and women; outdoor media and writers and general media outlets can play an active role in helping raise awareness and funds for this project. The list is nearly endless and it’s all up to you! Thanks for your help!

Ideas for Fundraising

Here are some ideas for fundraising for the LDFRP.

  • auctions
  • rallies
  • bake sales
  • candy/craft sales
  • sporting tournaments
  • golf shootouts/outings
  • fishing tournaments
  • sporting
  • trap/skeet shoots
  • bowling tournaments
  • barbeque fundraisers
  • bingo (where legal)
  • car washes
  • karaoke competitions
  • pancake breakfasts
  • fish fries
  • polar bear plunges
  • jogging marathons
  • cookie dough sales
  • pizza selling fundraisers
  • book sales
  • gift wrapping
  • garage sales
  • mini-golf tournaments
  • scavenger hunts
  • silent auctions
  • spelling bees
  • talent shows
  • walk-a-thons
  • fun runs
  • ugly-tie contests
  • stationary sales
… and more!

Perhaps you can come up with an idea or two of your own.  Please pass them on to the effort by making comments on the site or sending them to us via the Contact Us page.

Thank You

Thank you ALL for all your efforts for fundraising efforts for the LDFRP! Every dollar counts for rebuilding fish habitat and the awesome fisheries of Lake Delton. -Ben Hobbins & Dan Small