Lake Delton’s  2nd Annual Youth Fishing Jamboree slated for:   June 4, 2011

LAKE DELTON, Wis. –Lake Delton’s 2nd Annual Youth Fishing Jamboree will take place  June 4, 2011 – on Lake Delton – to again highlight, and celebrate the restoration of Lake Delton, the Dell’s area and its now-restored fisheries.  Project founders Ben Hobbins and Dan Small announced today, “The annual youth fishing jamboree is an on-going event, designed to celebrate the Dell’s crown jewel -Lake Delton, its tourism base and successful teamwork in rebuilding, enhancing, restocking and restoring of the lost watershed after the June 9, 2008 natural disaster”, stated the founders.

The unique youth fishing jamboree format was developed in 2010 by Hobbins. The jamboree implements such uniquely combined activities as:

  • mentored learn-to-fish
  • youth-fisheries-biologist-catch-record-and-release
  • conservation-and-fisheries-education

This unique format offers direct -and indirect- interaction and support from major national and area sponsors. Hands-on mentoring from professional, collegiate fishing circuit anglers, sportsmen clubs, boys and girls clubs organizations, parent and other volunteer-mentors combine to increase the benefit of each interaction. The event also incorporates boy, girl, school and vocational clubs merit badge activities.

A history lesson as seen on 24/7 news networks. June 9, 2008 marked the day Lake Delton’s banks breached and its waters drained; taking homes, an entire fishery, a large part of the tourism industry and much of Wisconsin Dell’s spirit into the adjacent Wisconsin River in mere hours.

The Lake Delton Fisheries Restoration Project was founded days later, with Hobbins calling Dan Small and then meeting directly with local Wisconsin Dells officials. The LDFRP Task Force, at the Village of Lake Delton, was formed days later made up of WI DNR’s regional fisheries biologist Tim Larson, retired state DNR fisheries biologist Gordy Priegel, and founders Ben Hobbins and Dan Small. The LDFRP was launched weeks later at the Outdoor Writers Association of America June 21, 2008, national conference, in Bismarck, ND.

The 1st anniversary of the disaster, June 9, 2009, also marked the lake and area’s restoration. The ‘Welcome Back Lake Delton Celebration’, complete with a boat parade, honors by state and local officials, included the release of the fisheries’ first game fish by Hobbins, Small and the DNR. The game fish release was preceded only months earlier by the release of millions of forage fish into virgin waters.

The successful June 5, 2010 1st Annual Lake Delton Youth Fisheries Jamboree was marked by fishing surveys, taken by ‘youth-fishery-biologists-anglers’, was presented to the WI DNR in December 2010 -by founders Hobbins and Small- thus concluding the successful $350K LDFRP effort to restore Lake Delton.

Since fish stocking began for Lake Delton in spring of 2009, 10’s of thousands of walleye, smallmouth and largemouth bass, channel catfish, crappies, bluegills and millions of forage minnows were successfully stocked. “At the 1st Jamboree –only a year after first stocking began, kids and mentor teams were catching and documenting fish of all species in large numbers –caught on nearly every cast!” states, Dan Small.

  • Gander Mountain stores
  • F3 -Future Fisherman Foundation
  • River’s Edge Bait & Tackle
  • Schleef’s Bait & Tackle
  • OutdoorLife 25/Popular Science Top 10 inventor Ben Hobbins
  • Preferred Distribution of Lake Delton
  • Recreational Boating andFishing Foundation
  • Frito Lay, Dan Small Outdoors
  • Gary Engberg Outdoors
  • the Brunswick/Crestliner™ boat group
  • ClearChannel/WIBA

and many more area and national sponsors will help provide material and manpower support for the event. More area and Lake Delton Fisheries Restoration Project sponsors are slated to come aboard for this event as the project is developed. , added Ben Hobbins.

Participation FORMS for 2nd Annual Youth Fishing Jamboree – Lake Delton