DSO Store

Dan’s Outdoor Store is temporarily closed for a rebuild.
Technician’s need a bit more time.
Dan’s Store will remain closed for the next few days.
Re-Scheduled RE-OPENING: A few days. We have some technical snags to work through.
We -again- apologize for the inconvenience.

4 thoughts on “DSO Store

  1. I was looking for a fly repellant. I understand that one was featured on an episode of Outdoor WI. Is it the 4buggspray? 4buggspray.com is also not working.
    Jim Rohde

  2. dan several years ago i bought a filleting board made out ofsome kind of plastic don’t need any clamps i was wanting to buy a couple more of these boards and also bought some out door books can you pleasr let me know when your outdoor store is open again thanks gene

  3. hi what happened to dso store ? could you give me a way to order flies from mike thanks tom

  4. dan could you give me web site i need to order some flies thanks tom sherlock

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