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Dan Small, mug shot Feature 09.2008Dan Small

has been host/producer… of WMVS-TV’s OUTDOOR WISCONSIN since its premiere in November, 1984.

He is also a contributing editor of WISCONSIN OUTDOOR NEWS, a bi-weekly newspaper that covers outdoor activities, environmental concerns and other items of interest to Wisconsin’s sportsmen and women.

He is an avid outdoorsman and a widely published writer/photographer with credits in national and regional magazines. His writing has won numerous awards in regional and national competition. He was named onservation Communicator of the Year in 1986 by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, and in 1990 received the Gordon MacQuarrie Award for excellence in environmental communication from the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. In 1999, he was awarded the Excellence in Craft Award by the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers.

Dan is host of the NORTH AMERICAN TRAILS HOME VIDEO LIBRARY series and author of FISH WISCONSIN. He co-authored the OUTDOOR WISCONSIN COOKBOOK and its paperback version, the WILD HARVEST COOKBOOK.

Dan serves on the board of directors of the Friends of Milwaukee’s Rivers. He is a former director of the Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation, the Wisconsin Outdoor Communicators Association, the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers and the Outdoor Writers Association of America. He holds a PhD from Rice University.

Dan is available for public speaking engagements on a variety of subjects covering Wisconsin’s outdoor recreational opportunities. For more information and current fees, contact him through his Contact page.

In 2007 Dan, along with co-worker at MPTV,  Judy Nugent, rolled out the Outdoors with Dan Small and Judy Nugent radio show.  A highly successful radio show, Dan and Judy gained in popularity throughout their Wisconsin market and from the get-go excelled in quality, demonstrated by their consistent stream of radio and journalism awards.

By the beginning of 2008  Dan and Judy were expanding their influence to areas well beyond their native Wisconsin.  In mid 2008 Judy Nugent left the show, as the co-host, to pursue her own individual career.  She has done well and remains a regular visitor on the radio show.

With Judy gone, Dan renamed the show to, Dan Small Outdoors Radio.  Shortly after Judy’s departure,  a replacement for Judy, came in the face and voice of Jeff Kelm.

Jeff, a self-stated ice-fishing addict, is a perfect fit for the show.  Jeff knows the technical side of the radio studio as well as the outdoor offerings that are the mainstay of the Dan Small Outdoors Radio program.  This added ability has been a real boon for the show.

Dan Small Outdoors Radio continues to grow in audience favor, with the stream of radio and journalism awards that continue to reflect their growing success.

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Dan Small Outdoors Radio

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  2. Would this be a source for Dan Small’s all purpose Sweet & Savory Seasoning or Fish & Game Gourmet Spice? I used some (found in a Wisconsin cabin home), to prepare a meal this summer. I liked it so much, I wrote the name down on a piece of paper towel and just found it. Any help would be appreciated. Karen

  3. At the muskie expo, the takeavet group had a booth and I have been helping to publicize it around Madison and the VA. Any help, would be great.
    Tom Batzko

  4. I bought a fish scaler a few years back from you at the Milwaukee sport show and cant find them anywhere. they are yellow or orange. looks like a spoon with teeth. where can I find thie scaler.? thanks for any help.

  5. I was listening 3 weeks ago and was unable to write down the website for the whitefish ice fishing guide near sturgeon bay. Thanks, Joe.

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