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Do you agree with Gov. Walker’s proposals to freeze Stewardship Fun spending and make the Natural Resources Board advisory to DNR?

Gov. Walker’s proposed Budget freezes stewardship purchases, makes DNR board advisory

Gov. Scott Walker announced major components of his proposed biennial budget at a joint session of the State Legislature Tuesday evening. Among the elements of the Governor’s proposed budget, several would impact the Department of Natural Resources and the Natural Resources Board. In the Feb. 4 issue of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, reporters Lee Bergquist and Paul Smith wrote:

The Department of Natural Resources faces fundamental changes under Gov. Scott Walker’s two-year budget, with one proposal to freeze state land purchases and another to eliminate the authority of its venerable citizens board.

READ MORE HERE: http://www.jsonline.com/news/budget-freezes-stewardship-purchases-makes-dnr-board-advisory-budget-freezes-stewardship-purchases-b-290723841.html 

One thought on “DSORe POLL s1006

  1. Comment #6 | (NO) | Survey.Monkey
    he goes to extremes
    2/14/2015 8:05 AM

    Comment #5 | (NO) | Survey.Monkey
    The NRB is useless now, so what difference? They allow the DNR to continue their unfettered support of special interests in not only what appears to be in violation of law, but to the harm of fisheries and our economy and ecology. Stealing $220,000 per year, from sportsmen so commercial nets can take less than $20,000 in Lake Trout is but one example. And what happens when someone notifies the NRB that it appears the DNR is misrepresenting the law in public meetings, violating law, underreporting commercial harvests, withholding fisheries data from the public? Nothing, absolutely nothing, not even a reply. The NRB and Wis. Conservation Congress, are both toothless tigers, a waste of breath and tax payer money. It’s time that the public had a real recourse, to controlling the DNR.
    2/7/2015 8:49 AM

    Comment #4 | (NO) | Survey.Monkey
    For a guy that touts himself as a person of bold and new ideas, this isn’t a new idea. It just makes it easier for him to gut one agency to politically payback another. This coming from a former Scott Walker supporter. “Walker for Sportsmen” is now a proven joke.
    2/6/2015 3:08 PM

    Comment #3 | (UNDECIDED) | Survey.Monkey
    A little of each; scale back Stewardship but keep an eye out for valuable parcels at a fair price. Not sold on making NRB advisory.
    2/6/2015 1:37 PM

    Comment #2 | (YES) | Survey.Monkey
    The state already owns too much land now.
    2/6/2015 12:33 PM

    Comment #1 | (NO) | Survey.Monkey
    I do not agree with the freeze of the Stewardship Funds, but I do agree with the NRB becoming a advisory to the DNR. By making the NRB an advisory committee, the state’s natural resources would then fall under the responsibility of the state legislature. Doing this will create accountability. If our state legislature screws things up we can vote them out. The NRB can not be voted out and they (NRB) only answer to the Governor. Plus in my opinion the NRB within the last few years has only been a rubber stamp for the DNR and has allowed the DNR to run a muck with our state’s natural resources.
    2/5/2015 7:45 PM

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