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Do you support the proposed changes in deer seasons and deer management?

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Should the proposed new Wisconsin deer regulations include a statewide ban on baiting and feeding?

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Statewide ban on baiting and feeding – or No – ???

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The Question: “Should the proposed new Wisconsin deer regulations include a statewide ban on baiting and feeding?”WHAT do YOU think of this.


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Not included in DNR proposals: statewide baiting, feeding ban

On Nov. 14, Wisconsin Outdoor News contributing writer Greg Seubert wrote:

Clintonville, Wis. — A statewide ban on baiting and feeding deer is not part of the DNR’s proposed changes for Wisconsin’s 2014 deer hunting seasons.

That doesn’t sit well with a member of the Regulations and Season Structure action team that recommended the ban this summer.

Tony Janecek, of Cecil, attended one of 35 statewide hearings in Clintonville on Oct. 29 on the DNR’s recommendations stemming from the Deer Trustee Report and the agency’s proposed changes for the 2014 seasons. He was also one of more than 50 people who spent seven Saturdays from April through July coming up with recommendations from the report, issued last year by Dr. James Kroll.

“Those recommendations on the seasons and permits and so forth were good recommendations,” Janecek said. “Unfortunately, the DNR chose not to advance all of the recommendations by the committee and that really concerns me because nobody told us they were going to review these and take what they wanted.

“They told us all the way along that these were going to be the final recommendations in the report and they were going to go out to these public hearings,” he added. “It didn’t happen.”

A statewide ban on baiting and feeding is ultimately up the state Legislature. The action team voted 13-2 in July in Stevens Point in favor of the ban to give lawmakers some direction.

Baiting and feeding of deer is now banned in Adams, Barron, Burnett, Calumet, Columbia, Crawford, Dane, Dodge, Grant, Green, Iowa, Jefferson, Juneau, Kenosha, Lafayette, Manitowoc, Marathon, Marquette, Milwaukee, Polk, Portage, Racine, Richland, Rock, Sauk, Sheboygan, Vernon, Walworth, Washburn, Washington, Waukesha, Waushara, and Wood counties.

Mark Noll, of Alma, who served on the action team with Janecek, voted for the ban.

“I think the important thing when you look at Dr. Kroll’s recommendation, the key word is to resolve the baiting and feeding issue,” he said after the team took its vote in July. “Why do we need to resolve it? Because it’s tearing hunters apart and it’s tearing the hunting community apart.”

Janecek said the team spent a lot of time discussing the pros and cons of such a ban.

“Regardless of how you feel about baiting and feeding, the public is not going to be given a chance to express how they feel in these meetings because that recommendation – a very strong, highly supported recommendation of no baiting, no feeding – never was advanced,” he said. “Nobody in the state will be able to address that. It was one of the issues that Dr. Kroll said needed to be talked about. It is a big issue and I’m really disappointed. I was there and I think that issue deserves to be talked about at public meetings. It was dropped off of our recommendations.”


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One thought on “DSORe POLL S849

  1. Comment #2 | (NO) | Survey.Monkey
    I’m so tried of hearing this baiting issue. I’m tired of 50 people rec-amending their ideas . Let the people vote. Anybody who wants to vote. They have said they do not want a ban on baiting, Know one is abiding by it any how . The baiting is all about the spread of CWD. No we all know that is crap. So move on people & DNR.
    12/9/2013 7:45 PM

    Comment #1 | (YES) | Survey.Monkey
    i think the bait piles are atracking the wolfs in to the area.
    12/9/2013 11:45 AM

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