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Was this year’s lower deer harvest in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa an anomaly or a new trend?

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So?   What do YOU think…   are you satisfied ???


Are you satisfied with the implementation of the recommendations of the Deer Trustee Report for the 2014 deer season?


Natural Resources Board authorizes public hearings to receive feedback regarding Deer Trustee’s Report rule package

Poll Pic S937MADISON — The Natural Resources Board has authorized public hearings to provide the public an opportunity to provide input regarding the proposed Deer Trustee Report permanent rule package.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources plans to hold nine public hearings at locations throughout Wisconsin, slated for January 2015. These hearings will allow for public comment before the department requests adoption of the permanent rule in February.

Gov. Scott Walker contracted with Dr. James Kroll to produce the Deer Trustee Report, an in-depth review of Wisconsin’s deer management program. Released in 2012, the report proposed over 60 recommendations for improving deer management in Wisconsin. Many of these recommendations were implemented during the 2014 deer seasons under emergency rule. However, these rules are set to expire in June 2015.

Hunters experienced some of the more prominent rules regarding County Deer Advisory Councils (CDACs), the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP), seasons, units and tagging in 2014. However, these regulations and programs were set up under and emergency rule, and now a follow-up permanent rule package is necessary for the 2015 seasons and beyond.

Following public hearings, the Natural Resources Board may adopt the permanent rule package. If approved, it will advance to the state legislature for final review.

For more Information regarding the DTR permanent rule proposal, visit the WDNR web site and search keyword NRB, or view the agenda item. To learn more about the deer trustee report, search keywords deer trustee report.

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  • Scott Loomans, regulations specialist – (608) 267-2452
  • Tom Hauge, Bureau of Wildlife Management director – (608) 266-2193
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Do you believe Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan percher fishery can be restored to its former glory?

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So? What do YOU think… Trend or Tragedy ???

Was this year’s lower deer harvest in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa an anomaly or a new trend?

Wisconsin deer kill lowest in 30 years

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This year’s preliminary harvest figures indicate a total of 191,550 deer harvested. The overall buck harvest of 90,336 was down roughly 8 percent. Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa have seen a similar decline in overall harvest in 2014.

Kevin Wallenfang, DNR big game ecologist, said the northeast and southern counties saw buck kills that were virtually unchanged compared to 2013. The largest decline in buck harvest figures was observed in the far northern counties, where it decreased by 18 percent compared to 2013. This area also saw a 58 percent decrease in antlerless harvest. This was a designed reduction in antlerless harvest in an attempt to increase deer numbers in the Northern Forest Zone. Overall, statewide antlerless harvest saw a 21 percent decline from 2013.

Western counties saw a decrease in buck harvest of roughly 8 percent, with the bulk of the decline seen in counties that are farthest north within the region and/or counties that include portions of the Central Forest Zone.

A breakdown of harvest by DNR region and county is available in portable document format (PDF) on the DNR website.

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  • Kevin Wallenfang, DNR big game ecologist – (608) 261-7589
  • Jon King, DNR Conservation Warden – (608) 575-2294
  • Sawyer Briel, DNR communications – (608) 261-0751
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